Day 12: Nags Head, NC Finally a tailwind!

Virginia Beach, VA > Nags Head, NC : 78 miles

After a much needed day off to rest and recover we were back on the road again covering 78 miles from Virginia Beach to NagsHead at our fastest pace yet. It was the first day that we had a consistent tailwind. We were able to cruise at between 16 and 20 mph most of the way.

It was Katie’s turn to get a flat tire today, another puncture from debris on the side of the road. We are getting pretty quick at changing tubes.

We met a group of cyclists at one of our rest stops. They had a lot of questions about how to do a long ride, racks, equipment, bikes, etc. They ride together a lot in the Virginia Beach area, usually on back roads but recently someone who lives on one of the back roads threw a bunch of thumb tacks in the road! Not very neighborly. One of the riders has a friend who is completing his final round of chemotherapy for Hodgkins Lymphoma. It seems everyone we meet has been impacted in some way by cancer.

We passed the 600 mile mark of our journey today, one third complete. We are planning an early start tomorrow to take advantage of another day of tailwinds. We will be writing tomorrow from Ocracoke. So long for now, we need to sort our laundry and get some sleep. Remember, help us spread the word, there are many out there who may be lifted by our story of hope.





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3 Responses to Day 12: Nags Head, NC Finally a tailwind!

  1. Marie Falkenberg says:

    I love the photo with Carl and Bob posing with the big blow up guy!! That’s great!! And you all are just as determined as he is!! Keep it up!! Love you all!!!

  2. Janet Zary says:

    Great to see you all the other night! You’ve passed the mason dixon line and are officially in the south.
    Are you keeping a running total of the flats and number of tubes used?!?!

  3. Jacki Reich says:

    Greetings from Kansas City where I am finishing up an 8-day stint of scoring AP exams. I had a chance to talk to Chuck on the phone last night and got the full story of how Chuck and Bob witnessed the car crash and also of how you all had a fun time meeting up with Janet for dinner while you were in Delaware. I am so impressed and proud of your accomplishments so far, especially getting through all that heat. I love the photo of Bob and Karl posing with the husky blow-up dude. The theme from the film Rocky came into my head when I saw–”Feeling strong now….” Way to go, team Lifeblood!! Love, Jacki