Day 13: Ocracoke, NC and closing in on half way

Nags Head, NC > Ocracoke, NC : 84 miles

It was the best of roads, it was the worst of roads…

We started the day with strong tailwinds and cruised the first 30 miles at about 19mph. Watch out and step aside! The scenery from Nags Head to Ocracoke along the Outer Banks here is absolutely astounding. And up until the lighthouse on Cape Hatteras, the roads are wide, smooth and flat. A perfect morning!

But once we got to the lighthouse the roads went from amazing to horrible, probably worse than those bad roads in Jersey. I think all of us were crossing our fingers that we wouldn’t get any more flats (we’re up to 7 now). By then the winds had shifted, too, and we were getting them head-on.

After our short ferry ride to Ocracoke we rode our last 13 miles into town and got some well-deserved milkshakes. We showered and got dinner at an awesome little place called Dajio which reminded me of my days in Savannah and eating at Firefly. Made me a little homesick to hear the band playing inside, too. This town is super cute and if you get the chance, you should come check it out.

We keep meeting the most wonderful people everywhere we go. No matter if they’re saying “that’s incredible” or “I don’t know how you do it,” everyone wishes us well. In fact, at the bike shop we stopped at today they told us of another woman who was doing the same bike ride but from Key West up to Maine. Fantastic! People really are the best. Thanks to you all for the kind words and well wishes!





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3 Responses to Day 13: Ocracoke, NC and closing in on half way

  1. Chuck says:

    Really nice photos from the trip to Ocracoke! It’s really enjoyable watching the new pins appear on the blog-map each day.

    I thoroughly enjoyed joining you from Atlantic City to Virginia Beach. Thanks for having me along.

  2. Susie Monteleone says:

    Increbible pictures and very descriptive narration of your triumphs. This is truly a ride of a lifetime! I cannot imagine how sore your legs must be. Keep on riding. You can do it!! Love, Susie

  3. Jacki Reich says:

    Hi guys!!

    Loved the photos and the description of your day (I felt bad for the change of travel experience once you got past Ocracoke). I especially enjoyed the photo of the lighthouse since I recall very well climbing it with you and taking a family photo of the extended family in front of the lighthouse during our family vacation to Nags Head several years ago. Good memories!!

    Hang in there–you guys are the best!!