Day 16: Myrtle Beach, SC… halfway!

Southport, NC > Myrtle Beach, SC : 77 miles

Today was a huge mile marker for us, as we hit our halfway point! We’ve also ridden through 10 states now, too. We started out this morning from Southport, North Carolina and about half way thought the day we hit 900 miles. And it was right at a bike shop. Coincidence? Probably not.

Most of the day, like the last few days, was spent on a major road with a bunch of traffic. Getting our drafting technique down has been seriously helpful for me when it’s particularly windy. We met a couple at second lunch today who had also been touched by cancer. The husband said he had radiation for prostate cancer a couple years ago, which led to a big discussion about cancer research and technology and how much better the treatments are today.

I mean, that’s why we’re out here riding, you know. To talk to people and let them know that there is hope and the treatment and diagnosing for cancer is so much more advanced every year. It’s really remarkable. Not everybody is as lucky as my dad, but the hope is that someday soon we all can be.

Tomorrow we head out to Charleson. I’m hoping I can find some BBQ. If not for first lunch, then for second dinner. I hate to admit it, North Carolina, but I like South Carolina BBQ better.

Oh, and yes, we’re eating like hobbits. First breakfast (sometimes second), elevensies, first lunch, second lunch, afternoon shake, power snack, dinner and dessert.





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4 Responses to Day 16: Myrtle Beach, SC… halfway!

  1. Susie Monteleone says:

    Love the WORMS and COFFEE picture! When I visit in August you have to tell me about that one! You three are awe inspiring. I am in shock that anyone would have the stamina to do this! Keep going….I will keep praying!
    Love, Susie

  2. Barb and Buck Gongaware says:

    Wow! You are amazing!!! We’ve been catching up with your progress and we are just truly astounded by your drive. In one of Karen’s entries about determination, I laughed knowing I had that feeling many times while shopping in Walmart! (Ugh! I know, that’s pretty pitiful but seriously, I have a cart full of food, a fist full of coupons, and I am seven people back from the cash register…it takes determination not to walk out and leave the cart there.) We were envious to read about all of the interesting things that happen and the wonderful people you meet. You’re doing much more than we could ever dream about. We know you will get to Key West safely and will be riding high from the accomplishment. Good for you!

  3. Phil Jenks says:

    Carl –

    I’m a little behind in reading your blog – in fact, I’m still at the Myrtle Beach post.

    How did you manage to carry your golf clubs all that way? What? You went to Myrtle Beach and didn’t play golf?

    We’ll have to make up for that when you get back (and after you’ve had a very long rest!)

    We’re enjoying the blog posts – keep up the great work you guys are GREAT!


  4. Jerry Lipsky says:

    “we’re eating like hobbits. First breakfast (sometimes second), elevensies, first lunch, second lunch, afternoon shake, power snack, dinner and dessert. “!!!
    Absolutely love it! Friends and I describe our meals on BRAG to non-cyclists the same way, eating like Hobbits. I really wish I’d retired last year when I could have…just to have been able to join you.